June Specials

From now until the end of June you can get 10% off  stamp and die bundles so in addition to the already 10% discounted price on bundles you are saving 20%.  With a new annual catalog just out and many new stamps and die bundles this is the perfect month to shop. Also included in the 10% off sale are the two Cut and Emboss machines. 


New Kits Just Released 

These kits are available in my online store while supplies last.

I love, love, love the watercolor look and the colors in this kit. #163905  $23


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This new kit is perfect for scrapbooking or making a travel journal.  #163904 $22


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A Little R&R

Twice a year three friends and I take a 4 day getaway to work on craft projects and play a ridiculous number of mahjong games. At home we play mahjong twice a week so I guess we are a little addicted to the game. We used to drive to Georgia and stay at a state park in a 2 bedroom cabin. There was no wifi (needed for those who do digital scrapbooking) and the cabin was sparse and the chairs very uncomfortable. When you play mahjong for hours at a time you want a comfortable chair. So a couple of years ago I found the perfect vacation rental just about an hour and a half from home. It has 3 bedrooms and fully furnished with comfortable chairs, an extra bathroom, and the best part it sits right on the bank of the St. John river. 



This guy was floating by yesterday morning.

This Limpkin makes an appearance several times a day.

We don’t go anywhere on this trip. Once we are unloaded and inside the most we might do is walk around the yard. We are very casual. No makeup and often wear pj’s during the day. Each of us is responsible for dinner one night. We always have hot dogs one night (cooked on a grill) and a baked potato one night. Our first night here we had yummy chicken salad on crossants and tonight is my night to be the chef so I am making Kentucky hot browns. It’s all very simple, no fuss meals. 

In the past I have made cards during this getaway trip but it takes a lot of supplies to bring with me so the last few trips I have worked on other things. When I was cleaning out a closet recently I discovered a Christmas crewel embroidery I started over 40 years ago. Because it’s nearly finished and because it’s so darn cute that is what I am working on. 

Here it is in its unfinished, wrinkled state. When I do get it done I will post a new photo.



Seen in a library


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  1. Nancy says:

    What a fun message. I love hearing about your travels. The laid back type is the best. You need rest, friends, and nice weather. Good for you. Nancy

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