Join My Team

When I first joined the Stampin’ Up! family I did it because I loved just about everything and wanted it all so I figured the best way to start getting product was to get it at a discount. After just attending 2 workshops I joined. That was 18 years ago and it was the best decision ever.

Some people sign up as demonstrators just to get the discount while others pursue the opportunities available by creating a business and offering classes. Either way, I welcome both on my team.

JOIN RISK-FREE!  If you reach $300 in sales by the end of the first full Stampin’ Up! quarter  you automatically renew your demonstrator discounts and benefits for another quarter.  To continue, you will need to reach $300 in sales (includes personal purchases) to renew each quarter.  That $300 does not reflect your 20% discount either. If you don’t reach $300 in sales, you can “drop” with no penalty. Once dropped, you can rejoin after 90 days.

If you think this might be for you lets get together and discuss it further.