December 2022 CD Calendar

This year is almost over with only a few days to get the December CD Calendar posted. It’s been a pretty busy month getting ready for Christmas. 

We don’t do a lot of gifts in my family anymore. Maybe a couple but we do love to play games and those  had some treats and gifts associated with them. My son and daughter and their families were here and everyone contributed to our dinner. After the dinner the games began.

Family Christmas

We had our family get together on Friday due to Jason and his family going to Allison’s sisters for Christmas.

The first game we called the Solo cup game. I had seen a couple of versions of this on Facebook and my daughter and I created our own version. We had 105 cups on the table and each one covered a prize. Candy, small gifts, money, gift cards, etc. And 8 cups had a Pick a Present slip which let the person getting it pick one of the wrapped presents. 


The shenanigans started when we handed out bags to collect the loot. Grandson Alex, son-in-law Don, grandson Owen and son Jason.


One of the Pick a Present gifts my daughter Lynn Ann won.

My son Jason and his fiancé Allison

My grandson Owen wound up with most of the money. He was super excited.

My oldest son lives in KY so he wasn’t with us this year. But we enjoyed a bottle of the wine he makes. 

For our second game everyone brought a wrapped gift. Each person started out with a gift and we each rolled a dice and had to follow the written instructions which included things like unwrap your gift, pass gifts to the left, trade your gift, etc. This was a frame filled with lottery scratch off tickets. Grandson Alex was happy when he opened this but he didn’t keep it long. 

After the fun and games we had lots of yummy desserts from which to choose.


Christmas Eve Service

Our Christmas Eve service at the church I attend was just beautiful. Lots of treasured Christmas carols were sung, a great message by the pastor and ending with the lighting of candles and singing Silent Night. Here I am with friends Jan and Donna who both happen to be Stampin’ Up demonstrators in my downline. You can tell that we got cold weather by the fact that we all have scarfs on. It actually got down in the 30’s which is pretty cold for this FL gal. 


A Few Random Photos

I had promised to make cupcakes for the physical therapy team where I had been going so I took this box of treats to them the week of Christmas. I have just started dabbling in decorating cupcakes. 

My daughter Lynn Ann and I have season tickets to Broadway in Orlando and this is one of the beautiful trees in the lobby connected to the garage we use to park the car. It was funny that we both wound up wearing gray dresses. We certainly didn’t plan on that.

This is one of several gorgeous trees in the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The play we saw was Hades Town. It was very good.

This photo was taken the day after our family Christmas. I have loved being able to have so many fires. 


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  1. Mary Morel says:

    I loved reading thru your Christmas traditions and got some great ideas for next year…thank you! You are blessed to have had so much of your family with you ❤️ Great pics!

  2. Debi says:

    Wonderful pictures and sure looked fun. Happy Holidays!

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