This Little Piggy . . .

. . . wears a mask!

I made a few of these cards last month to send to my grandkids. Watching the news and seeing the rise in numbers of people getting Covid is heartbreaking and scary. I try to stay safe and always wear a mask when I go anywhere. And I don’t go out often.  I’m thankful that I don’t mind staying home and don’t really get bored. I have been stamping, reading and even took up a new craft thanks to my neighbor telling me about Diamond Painting. It’s a bit like paint by number only with little multi faceted beads so when the project is complete it really sparkles. This is one of the several I have done. Of course you can’t see the sparkle which is what makes these amazing. If you decide you want to try this my recommendation is to order 5D (the number of facets which create the sparkle), Round Drill (the beads are called drills and round are easier to work with as opposed to square) and Full Drill (which means the entire canvas is covered with drills).

Have a Blessed Sunday


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  1. Mary Morel says:

    Love that piggy card! I love Diamond painting as well. We have some card kits in our Shop that are like that. They are beautiful.

  2. Debi says:

    That piggy is waaay too cute!! I just ordered the snowman……stop the madness…..I will never get caught up on all these diamond art pictures but they are sooooo much fun to do!! Thanks for introducing me to them.

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