Lunaria Flower Farm

A couple of years ago my nephew, Kevin, moved from California to France to be with his girlfriend. He met Pauline when she was living in California more than 10 years ago but due to visa restrictions and family she returned to France. They kept up their relationship with visits back and forth and finally Kevin made the move. He is a free lance sound production specialist and has worked with several movies and TV shows. He was unable to get a work visa in France so he would fly back to the US when he had work. Pauline’s background is in floral design. With a lot of planning and hard work Lunaria, Ferme Florale (or in English, Lunaria, Flower Farm) was started. They live in Montaban, France. I’m so proud of these two.


France was on a very strict lock-down the past few months and have just opened up farmer’s markets where Kevin and Pauline said they sold out of all their flowers.

And they just got married!

I was suppose to go visit them last year. I was scheduled to cruise from here to Spain and then take a train to France. That cruise ship was the one the crane fell into and the trip was canceled. I didn’t mind missing the cruise so much but I sure hated not getting to France and seeing them. Hopefully another time.

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  1. Mary Morel says:

    What a cute story and so happy for them. You’ll get there soon…I know you! Thanks for sharing

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