April CD Calendar & Nursing Home Cards

I am almost a week late in posting the April CD Calendar page but if you’re like me it’s hard to know what day it is anymore with the current stay-at-home recommendation. And I have been staying home. In the last 3 weeks I have been out twice. Once for an emergency dental appointment and then to take cards to the local nursing home. When I heard that visitors were currently not permitted in nursing homes I imagined how lonely it could feel and thought a hand-stamped card might bring a bit of cheer. I have so many cards because of doing lots of classes. Bins full of cards but most of them with the inside not finished. I called one of our nursing homes and asked about doing cards for them and was told they would love it.  I found out that not only were patients not allowed visitors but they had to even eat in their rooms as the common areas were not big enough to allow the recommended distancing between them. Then she told me there were 117 patients. I didn’t expect that many but got to work.  I decided to write a note inside each one. That was the biggest task. I asked if there was anything else that people might do for them and was told the patients love candy and chips but the vending machines were empty. Because only medical staff are currently allowed inside the vendor could not come in to refill them. I put this info out on my Facebook page and one friend took individual bags of potato chips to them. I ordered some assorted chocolate candy and took it with my cards.

These are stacks of the cards I did for the nursing home. There are 118 cards which all say Thinking of You.

I also made these tent cards for Easter to be put on their meal trays.

This is the inside of the Easter tent card.

I have friends who are also making cards for different homes and friends who are busily sewing masks. I love seeing that people are helping others get through this difficult time.

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe and healthy

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  1. Mary Morel says:

    You are a special person, Beth. Thank you for stepping up and letting our elders know they aren’t alone

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Mary. I felt so sad when I heard the nursing home patients could not have visitors and it was something I could do to maybe give them a bright spot in their day. My mother lived to the age of 94 and for awhile was in an assisted living facility. I can’t imagine how alone she would have felt if she was confined to her room and not allowed visitors.

  2. Barbara Worthington says:

    Beth, I am not surprised that you would do such a giving and loving thing for those that cannot see even their own relatives. I have been sitting here today and getting cards ready to send out to my friends. No special reason just a hi I’m thinking about you.

    • Beth says:

      Thank you Barbara. I believe that there are so many people using their time at home during this pandemic to think of others by sending cards and making masks. You do beautiful cards and I know whoever is lucky enough to get one will be thrilled.

  3. Nancy says:

    You inspired me to check a nursing home to see how they would respond to a similar offer of cards and treat. They were happy to get treats, working on cards for 105 residents. 50 will be my first delivery, and need to go to Publix, individual cops are on sale this week and Rice Krispie trays are BOGO.
    Thanks for your help in this. As you said we are home, but more than one room 24/7. Anything to brighten their days helps. Be well, and I know you are busy!!

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