A Wonderful Christmas

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas with family and friends. I hadn’t posted much lately as I caught the bug that seems to be going around and spent a couple of weeks sick with zero energy. That put my Christmas shopping and decorating and stamping at a standstill. Thankfully I recovered last week and managed to get everything done and we had a wonderful time.

I put up two trees, one with the tiny white lights and a smaller one with the old fashioned colored bulbs and bubble lights. They are in two different rooms but I can see both of them from where I usually sit.

I love everything about Christmas, the traditions and the memories that come to mind as I decorate. I have many, many old ornaments on my tree. Some belonged to my parents and some to my grandparents. And I have some antique toys that I put under the tree. These two dolls belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl. They are about 110 years old.

And this doll was mine when I was a little girl so it is about 65 years old. My mother made the clothes she is wearing.

We had our family Christmas yesterday afternoon with a big dinner, some games, and of course presents although we don’t do as much as we’ve done in years past. But we always manage to have a great time together.  Christmas is always fun when there are little ones and our Owen is 8 this year. When I asked him last month what he wanted for Christmas he said a telescope, a green telescope. Amazon never fails. I actually found a green one there. And he loved it.

One favorite tradition and memory of Christmas is my dad singing in church. For as long as I can remember he sang Night of Nights in church at Christmas. Growing up it was just tradition. When I became older and moved away I often returned “home” and so was able to hear him sing what had become my favorite Christmas song. But I wasn’t always able to be there so one year for my birthday he made a tape singing this song and every year I play it. He passed away 9 years ago and when I was listening to it Christmas Eve it was almost like having him back. What a very special gift he gave me.


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