Missing in Action

This is the busiest time of the Stampin’ year for me so I have been neglecting my blog for a bit.  I’ll try to get back on track. (smile)

The Holiday Catalog is live and it’s hard to pick out my favorites. I do love any stamp set with a coordinating punch because it’s so easy for classes. This card was made for a team swap using the Perfectly Plaid stamp set and Pine Tree Punch. And when you purchase the bundle you get both with a 10% discount.

The triangle plaid designer series paper at the top and bottom of the card was easy to do. Just measure the width you want the bottom of the triangle to be and then cut a square that size. Then cut that into four triangles.


Wear Your Sunscreen!

One other reason that hindered my blogging activity was a recent surgery for a basal cell carcinoma on my upper lip. It appeared as a very tiny spot but then one morning became black so I skedaddled to the dermatologist and a biopsy was taken. We were both surprised at the results. So then I was off to see a plastic surgeon. You know, on the face, and I didn’t want ugly scars. The process started with a MOHS procedure where sections were sent to a pathologist while I waited to see if the margins were clear. One additional cut and send out to be checked resulted in a pretty good sized “hole” (imagine nickle sized above your lip). Two days later I was having reconstruction surgery where they had to cut across my lip, up to the bottom of my nose, across to the side and then halfway up the side of my nose. Way more extensive than I even imagined. Now I didn’t want ugly but let me just say this was beyond ugly! My lip was swollen, hard and dropping down so far I could barely get a toothbrush under it. They have told me that it could take 3 months to completely heal and I’m just at 2 months now. It is getting much better but I will sure be glad when I’m “normal” again. So I’m sharing this as a reminder to wear sunscreen when you are out in the sun. Of course back in my younger days I was loving the sun and working on the perfect tan with no thoughts of sunscreen. We are more aware of that these days but putting sunscreen on your lips is often overlooked.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your cautionary tale about the sun — such an important reminder for all of us. And I know you’ve also been busy getting ready for your fabulous Nov. 2 Creative Escape Retreat. I can’t wait for that and hope others register if they have not already. I’m looking forward to all the inspiration that you and Sandy have planned for that day.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Catherine. You are a valuable source of advice, inspiration, and help during the Creative Escape Retreat. Truly appreciate all you do.

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