Special Birthday Card

A friend recently asked if I could make a birthday card for her daughter’s 30th birthday. She sent me a photo of the birthday announcement and told me she liked pink, hearts and anything girly.

When I saw the announcement I immediately thought of the Broadway Bound Specialty Designer Series Paper.

So I set to work using some of this paper and combined it with pink and hearts and this is the final card.


I had a workshop Saturday at my house. There was a card table chair kind of in the way so I moved it away from the stamp table and over by the door to my bedroom. Later I needed to go in the bedroom to get some change and walked right into the chair. (I was barefoot!) Now you wouldn’t think walking into a card table chair leg would be all that bad but it hurt … a lot. And then, coming out of the bedroom, I walked into it again!  With the other foot. You know how we laugh at those movies and videos when someone gets hurt. Well, everyone stamping at that table all began to laugh. Me too. If I didn’t laugh I might have just cried. The next day the toe turned all shades of blue and purple and I’m pretty sure it’s broken. I was suppose to go to Disney with a friend but that had to be rescheduled. And no gym for a few days either.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Great birthday card!! ❤️❤️

  2. Debi Stonewall says:

    I didn’t laugh…but then I was in another room! It does look painful. The card turned out beautiful, she should be very happy with it.

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