Bag & Card Combo

I absolutely love this quick and easy gift bag and card project that I learned how to make from demonstrator Rhonda Wade. It uses 2 sheets of cardstock and 1 full sheet of Designer Series Paper. 

1 sheet of DSP

  • Cut a 4″ strip and cut that strip into 3 pieces (4″ x 4″)
  • Cut the remaining piece into 2 pieces 5-1/4″ x 8″

2 sheets of 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock

  • Score 1-1/2″ on the both of the long sides of both sheets of cardstock.
  • Score 2-3/4″ on one short side.
  • Cut on the side score lines from the bottom up to the 2-3/4″ score line creating flaps
  • Attach Tear & Tape as indicated by the photos.

Side 1

Attach Tear & Tape also to the underneath side of the two flaps at the bottom.


Side 2

Remove the paper from the Tear & Tape and fold the flaps in creating the bottom of the bag. Remove remaining paper and insert one side into the the 2nd side.

You can see how to put this together in the short video below.

 The bag below is one I made for a friends birthday present. Of course stamping the edge of the tissue paper adds a final wow to  your bag.


I’m just a bit behind schedule but that’s the way I do my best work. (smile) The tree is up with lights, no decorations yet. And the rest of the house isn’t decorated either. It seems my tree is always an issue. I don’t have a big space for a tree so mine is not too wide but very tall. It is about 25 years old and still in pretty good shape although it is leaning a bit which I am working on. I gave up years ago trying to pack it away in a box and so each year I move it out to the garage and wrap some old sheets around it. When it’s time to bring it back in the house I think it won’t last another year it looks so mashed and pretty ugly. But with some fluffing it comes back to life. But the lights are another story. I leave the lights on and every year there seems to be at least one section that doesn’t work. This year it was the middle section. I hate this part of doing the tree. Had to take off that section of lights and add another. Now to find time to decorate. And then it’s on to finishing up my Christmas cards, CD calendars, and a few other projects. What I need is a few elves to give me a hand.

Thanks for looking,

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  1. Thanks, you made me feel so much better, because I thought I was way behind. But it all happens in good time. “prepare ye the way”.
    Thanks for the directions on the bag. The photos I took at your workshop needed some directions to go with them. The papers make these so beautiful. A gift in themselves.

  2. Robin B says:

    This is a beautiful project. It turned out fantastic. I Loved it!!!

  3. Carol Loehr says:

    Beth, I am glad to hear you and I are both waiting for the elves to show up!😁 I love this bag!

    • Beth says:

      Too bad we can’t find any elves Carol. Just keep at it. I am getting a little at a time done. Glad you love the bag. I have had fun making them.

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