Magical Day Mermaid Easel Card Video

I did a video today of the Mermaid card. It’s the first video I’ve done for my blog in 4 years so I’m still getting use to the set up. My daughter use to come over and video me but I bought a holder for my phone so I can do it myself. And then I tried editing the video so I could put in the measurements and that program was new to me. So with some practice I suppose it will get easier and I will do more. (smile)


Now if you loved my blue sparkly nails let me tell you how easy and fun they are to do. I used the new Color Street nail polish strips. They come in a huge variety of colors, solids, glitter, and designs. What I love about this blue is that it is more blue on one side and fades to a silvery blue on the other side but you don’t really notice the difference unless you roll your hand from side to side. The best thing about them is that is is real nail polish, it’s flexible, and slightly stretchable to fit to your nail and there is no heating or anything extra to make them stick to your nails. My friend and a fellow Stampin’ Up demonstrator, Betty Herring,  has a website which you can check out on the link below.

Color Street with Betty Herring

Have a wonderful weekend.



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  1. Debi says:

    Thanks for the video, it’s great. I’m a visual learner so the video’s are so much easier for me to follow than a worksheet!!! Looking forward to your next one.

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