A Little Christmas Left

I cleared out and packed away all of my Christmas things … except for the trees! I still have two tress up and decorated. I just haven’t found the combination of time and energy. And I still like looking at them. Maybe next week. (sigh)

But I wanted to share the pictures I took this morning of my poinsettia plant. I have one out front and have passed it so many times coming in and out that I didn’t pay much attention to it anymore. When I walked by this morning it was heavy with water drops from an earlier rain. It caught my attention because the raindrops just sparkled. It was beautiful and I was reminded to look at the ordinary to see the extraordinary.

Since I have been taking a few black and white photos lately I decided to get one of the poinsettia. I love the rich red color of the leaves in the photo above however I like the B&W too. Which one is your favorite?

Get ready. I hear we have another cold spell coming next week.

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  1. Debi Stonewall says:

    That’s a beautiful picture of a beautiful flower!!!!

  2. Debi Stonewall says:

    I love the RED!!!!

  3. Catherine Harwood says:

    I love them both! While I usually lean toward black and white — in this case the red one really speaks to me and captures the water droplets so well. Thanks for sharing these.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Catherine. I was inspired by Houston’s amazing b&w photography and decided to see what the poinsettia would look like in b&w.

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