An Amazing Trip – Part 1, Paris

I just returned from the trip of a lifetime. I spent two weeks in Europe on an Avalon River Cruise. A year ago I started talking to my friend, Alice, about going on a river cruise and it seemed like the day would never get here and then quickly it was over. Our trip started with four days in Paris. I loved Paris. We mastered the Metro quickly and found it very easy to get around. We had tours set up in advance to see the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Versailles, and Notre Dame.

The blinking lights of the Eiffel Tower didn't occur until 10:00 PM because it doesn't get dark until about then and they blink for about 5 minutes and then quit. It was worth the extra metro ride to get there to see it.

My favorite tour was the Palace of Versailles. This is the Hall of Mirrors.

The King's chambers. His bed was quite short and he slept sitting up.

The Louvre, my least favorite tour of the trip. It was so crowded, hot and overwhelming. But I was determined to see the Mona Lisa.

And there she is in the background. It was almost impossible to get this photo and I was in the middle of a huge crowd of people.

Winged Victory

I survived the Louvre!

Oh la la! These sunglasses were a mere $550. No, I didn't get them!

Arch de Triumphe

Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris was very crowded even though it was the time of year locals were away on holiday. I was surprised at how many people there smoked especially seeing that they tend to eat healthier than we do in the US. And because of that we finally gave up on eating in the quaint outdoor cafes because you were surrounded by smoke.

Check back later for the next leg of our trip,

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  1. Jeanie Stark says:

    Oh I loved seeing your photos from Paris!  I took my daughter last summer for her graduation and we saw the same sights!  Also went to Normandy for my husband but we all loved it and driving along the countryside! Oh how I wish I was going back soon!  Thanks for sharing!

    • Beth says:

      Thank you Jeanie. I’m glad my pictures brought back memories of your trip with your family. Paris is an amazing city. I would have liked going to Normandy also but it wasn’t part of the trip. Maybe someday.

    • Beth says:

      Thank you so much Jeanie. I now want to go back and go to Normandy. Hoping I can do it someday.

  2. Mary Morel says:

    Oh Beth…I'm so glad you went back to see the twinkling lights on the Tower. Love that!  No pics of Sacre Coeur…did you not go to Montmartre to see it?  I concur the Louvre is crowded…I hope you didn't go on Free Tuesday!!

    i can't wait to see/hear more of your European River adventure ❤️

    • Beth says:

      Yes, Mary, we did go to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur. It was beautiful and such a great view of the city. Our driver who picked us up from the airport at 7 AM took us on a little tour of the city before taking us to the hotel and we went up to Montmartre.

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