Something Funny in the Dressing Room

Something funny happened today when a friend and I went shopping. We each had several things to try on and had dressing rooms right next to each other. As we often do, we would come out of the dressing room to have the other one see what was being tried on and to see if they liked it. So this happened when we each opened our dressing room doors and came out. We laughed so hard.

We've been friends for a very long time and have shopped together many, many times. This is not the first time this has happened. Years ago the same thing happened. We have often bought the same thing and one time we met to go someplace and we had the same top on. I came home and changed! By way, we both bought the dress.

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  1. Mary Morel says:

    How funny that you both tried it on at the same time!!  Odds are slim. Love the dress, btw

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Mary. It was so funny we were leaning against the wall laughing so hard. And of all the many things we tried on the odds of choosing that dress at the same time were very slim.

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