A friend and I spent two days last week at Disney going to Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Living in FLorida and only an hour away from Disney makes their Florida residents annual pass a great deal. Epcot's Food & Wine Festival is going on now.

International-Food-and-Wine-FestivalThere are many different activities during this event and one of the most popular is the added tasting booths from different countries.  Although we have been many times before we had never tried the foods from the booths, instead opting to eat at one of the main restaurants. So this year we decided we had to sample some of them. Because you get small protions you can eat several different things. So many countries to choose from and so many different options. But we settled on moussaka from Greece, Lechon Asado (pork with pickled red onions and avocado) from Dominican Republic, lettuce wraps from South Korea, a lobster roll from the good old USA, a pork slider from Hawaii, and grilled shrimp from Australia. Yum! Our favorites were the moussaka and lettuce wraps which are the two top photos.

Epcot food Collage

Our seond day we went to Animal Kingdom. Our first stop was the safari ride. It's so popular that lines can get quite long and Fast Passes go quickly. We got a fast pass for 1:30 but decided to rush back to it as soon as we got in the park and we got right in. I love this ride because the animals are all free to roam in large areas. You never know what you might see. While we saw many, the elephants and giraffes are my favorites.



antler animalI can't remember the exact name of this little guy but as we were trucking down the road he walked out in front of us and just stood there looking at us. Our safari driver tried slowly inching up hoping he would move and when he did he just walked down the road in front of us. They don't blow horns which is good. So after waiting a bit the driver was just getting ready to make a call when the animal moved off the side of the road. Our driver said they wait 10 minutes for an animal to move out of the way and then call and someone comes with food to entice them away.

While walking through the park we stopped to listen to a group performing. People were going up to have a picture taken with this man dancing so I did too. When I started to leave he grabbed my hand and made me dance with him. What fun.

AK dancerAK dance








We went to see the Lion King show which is another favorite and then it was time to think about lunch. We decided to go back to Epcot and get more moussaka and try some other things.

As they say, Disney is the "happiest place on earth" and we certainly had a great time. So much so that we are going back next week. Love that pass.


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