Halloween Treats

I have had so much fun making these Halloween treat bags. I have given some away as door prizes and have some waiting for a few special kiddos when they come Trick or Treating.

Halloween Treat

Halloween Treat 2

To make the DSP liner for the bag:
  • Cut 2" off the top of the gussetted bag.
  • Cut the DSP 4-3/4" x 10"
  • Score on the long side at 1", 6", & 8-1/2"
  • Fold up DSP flat on the 6" line for easier inserting into the gussetted bag
  • The 1-1/2" fold is in the bottom of the bag and the 1" fold is at the top of the bag.
  • Insert your choice of candy and fold bag top down ovr the 1" folded down DSP and towards the back.
  • Fold the punched out circle in half and place over folded down bag top. Staple in place.
  • Fold the spider web doily in half and attach over folded top with a few mini glue dots.
  • Stamp, die cut and attach images with mini glue dots.



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