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Holiday CatalogThe Holiday Catatlog, that's what! Some of you will be getting your very own copy in the mail and for those who do not I have plenty of catalogs so you'll be sure to get one. I tried to convince myself that I wouldn't order much from this catalog but that was before I actually saw it. I think this may be the best one yet. Needless to say, I have ordered lots of new stamp sets and paper and other products. You can't order from this catalog until September 1st, but once you get your copy you can start marking those things you just have to have.

I love using our Designer Series Paper on my cards. They are always beautiful with 12 different patterns in each package. And if you start with a piece of DSP everything else just comes easy and falls into place. You don't have to think about what colors to use or what colors go together. Just use the colors that are in the paper. And did you realize that on the back of every package those individual colors are always listed. No guessing. These are the papers that are in the Holiday Catalog:









Which paper's are your favorites?



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