50 Years …

I'm in the Bluegrass State. That's Kentucky for those of you who may not know.  Visiting family, 50th reunion, and granddaughter's dance recital. Saturday night was my high school 50th reunion. I still can hardly believe it's been that long. How can it be? I actually went to two different high schools because we moved from Iowa to Kentucky in the middle of my sophomore year. So I have another reunion scheduled in Iowa in September.

Judy Collage

This is my BFF Judy from my Kentucky high school days. We were in a Girl Scout troup and we also were the leaders of a Brownie troup. We had the best Girl Scout group. We learned how to play bridge there. Our leader chaperoned us (along with my mother) to the State Basketball tournament in Louisville. I don't think girls that age even have chaperones these days but back in the 60's we did because we spent the night in a hotel. There was always a line of cars with our boyfriends picking us up after the meetings. Lots of good memories.

IMG_5646There is a great story here. The high school always allowed a Senior Skip Day … until our senior year. The class before us got into some kind of trouble so they did away with it. Of course we were more than upset not to be able to skip so we decided that if the entire class skipped what could they do? We spread the word and when the day came 9 of us actually skipped. Four girls, five boys. We had all told our parents about the plan ahead of time. The school tracked us down at the home of one of the girls. We were playing bridge. Such good kids, really. We were told we could come back to school without getting into more trouble but would have to be paddled. Can you imagine that!  Wouldn't happen today for sure. And they only offered this to the girls, not the boys. So of course we didn't do it. The next morning first period we were all called into the principals office and lectured and then suspended for 3 days. We girls hold the distinction of being the first girls ever to be suspended from the high school. This photo is of 5 of those infamous 9.


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  1. Mary says:

    What a rebel you were, lol!  Ah, for those good old days when life was so much simplier back then, sure do miss them.  I graduated from HS in 1972, we had so much fun back then too! 🙂

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