Washington DC – Day 3

This was the day for Smithsonian Museums. I'm still amazed that all of this is free.

Natural Hist. Museumdresses






We especially liked the Museum of American History. We did also visit the American Indian, Natural History, and Air and Space Museums. We were surprised at what a great cafeteria they had in the American History Museum and wound up eating there two different days. The best salad bar.

Hope diamondhope diamond2








              The Hope Diamond is just stunningl! And BIG!


Then we took a side trip to Ford's Theater and found that the theater was actually closed that day for a play rehearsal. We did, however, get to go through the house where he died. And since we are from Kentucky we have now seen the house where Lincoln was born and the house where he died.


Stampin' Up's final Pillow Gift that night is truly a book that I will treasure. There are so many things to remember from this fabulous trip.

pillow gift3

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