Washington DC – Day 2 Continued

In between seeing the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital tour we visited the war memorials. Korean, WWII and Viet Nam. Each was very emotional and beautiful. The statues in the Korean Memorial are all life size.

Korean War

From there we walked to the Viet Nam Wall. The statue on the right is dedicated to the women who served. During the 60's I bought a POW/MIA bracelet. These bracelets had the names of military persons either missing, captured, or deceased. I wore that bracelet for years. Many years later I gave it to the daughter of a friend of mine. When she visited the wall she made a rubbing of his name for me which I have in a scrapbook. The wall panel I am standing by below is the one with his name, Lt. Francis Setterquist.

Viet Nam Mem

POW bracelet




Then we were off to the WWII Memorial. This was special because my dad served in the Navy. I took the photo of the pillar from Missouri because he was living in St. Louis when he was sent off to war.


This was all followed by the Capitol tour which I already posted. Lynn Ann and I both agreed that the Capitol was the highlight of the trip and the only way to see it is to contact your State Representative and arrange for a private tour. We had 5 people in our tour with no waiting compared to long lines and tour groups of about 20 people for those who walked in off the street.

Our Pillow Gift this night is the new Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit. What fun this is going to be! Thank you Stampin' Up!

pillow gift 2

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