My Kentucky Trip

Last week I went to Kentucky to visit my mother, my son Jeff and his wife Becky and grandkids, Sofia and Anderson. Oh boy, was it cold for this Florida gal. Temps as low as 9 degrees. And there was snow which I was happy about. I miss snow as long as I don't have to shovel it or drive in it.

This snowman stood tall in my son's front yard. I assumed the grandkids made it and was surprised when I found out it was my son. He is a painting contractor so notice the paintbrush in the snowman's hand.

snowmanI gave some thought to going outside and making a snowman but never got around to it. And I didn't really have the right clothes and boots for doing it.

My grandson, Anderson, who is 6 has gotten into football trading cards. He spent hours one morning sorting through them and putting them in the album.


I took one of the FREE Stampin' Up banner kits from Sale-a-bration to my granddaughter, Sofia, who is 11. She put it together right away, picked out some photos to put on it with the mini clothespins and we hung it in her room.

Sofia CollageHer photos were a bit large so they cover up a lot of the banner.

My mother, who is 92, lives in an independent living home where meals and housecleaning are provided. I stayed at my son's and would spend the day with Mom and then have the evenings with my son and his family.

mom, sof and I

Mom, Sofia and Me

Although it was a short trip it was great. I usually take Airborne before I go on any kind of trip especially when I am flying. So many people, so many germs. Well, I forgot to take it this time and you guessed it … caught a cold.

Have a blessed Sunday,


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