I took some photos last week of a couple of my stamping groups. They didn't all turn out great so I am only posting a few of them (even with the green tint). These classes are at a gated RV/Golf community and I have been going there for about 8 years and it's always a fun night.















I forgot to post this picture from Leadership taken with CEO and Co Founder of Stampin' Up, Shelli Gardner and her husband Sterling. Also in the picture are my friends (and my roommates) Barbara Lash from Massachusetts, and Catherine Harwood from Merritt Island.

with Shelli

It was hard to believe that it had only been four months since Shelli was in a serious horse riding accident which left her with multiple injuries (fractured wrist in three places,  pelvis in four places, a fracture in her sacrum and her left clavicle).  You can see photos and read about her journey through surgery, PT, and on to recovery here. This link will take you to the beginning of the accident which was blogged by her husband. Then just scroll through the later blog posts to see more photos and updates. She is one strong, determined cookie!


Andrew Carlton, a friend and the father of my grand niece and nephew,  lives in Australia. He is undertaking an amazing charity bike ride through Thailand to raise money for the children affected by the tsunami. The ride is 500 km which is about 310 miles to those of us in the USA. He needs to raise $5000 to qualify for the ride and is not there yet and time is short. He has about three weeks left to reach this goal. He has a truly moving video (click on his picture) about why he is doing this. You can easily see his passion. You can also see my adorable grand niece and nephew at the end of it. 🙂


Donations towards this ride can be made on the video link and of course are tax deductible. And I am also offering an alternate way to donate. I have a large assortment of my handmade cards and will sell 10 of them with envelopes for $15.  That's just $1.50 per card. I will even mail them to anyone who does not live locally. And any money from this will go directly towards his ride.





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