Crafting Weekend Getaway

I just spent four days crafting with some friends in a cabin in south Georgia. They have been going there twice a year for the last 11 years and have invited me to go with them before so this time I decided to go. There were six of us and they have this down pat. When they get into town they immediately stop at the grocery store and buy the food for the weekend. It's always the same menu. Pizza the first night, baked potato bar on day 2, followed by chicken Quesadilla and lasagna on nights 3 and 4. Nothing fancy or time consuming because that would take time from working on their projects. These gals are serious. They pushed the furniture back against the walls and out of the way, card tables were set up and everyone picked a work area. All within the first 5 minutes of getting to the cabin. Three of them were doing digital scrapbooking, one was sewing, another scanning boxes of family photos, and I was stamping. The only breaks were when we played Mahjong. I had never played before but I know how now. What fun! The one downside to the whole weekend is there was no internet available which is why I couldn't post the past few days. Thankfully, I had set up a couple of things to post while I was gone. I worked on finishing up some cards that were in various stages of being completed and designed a Thanksgiving banner using some of the pennants from the kit in the Holiday Catalog. I will show that banner in a future post. I did forget to bring dimensionals with me and I use them on most of my cards so was frustrated thinking I wasn't going to even be able to finish the cards that I took up there to finish. However, when all else fails, get creative! I had a glue gun with me to use on the banner so I made dimensional substitutes with dots of glue. Sure makes you appreciate the real thing!

glue dots

Here are some more pictures. Everyone was very intent on what they were doing.

Scrapbookers Collage                  Debi                                                Evelyn                                          Gail

Lan & Sylvia Collage                                 LaNelle                                                        Sylvia

Cabin Lunch CollageAll in all, it was a great girls getaway and I'm looking forward to the one in the spring. Hmm, I hope they plan on inviting me back.

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  1. Donna Haraold says:

    Now that is what I call organized fun! What a great way to bond and just get away from the daily routine! Yes, Beth – put dimensionals in your emergency kit next time!

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