Goodbye Trees

When I got back from convention in July I noticed my two huge palm trees were looking a little droopy. But palms often have dead fronds hanging from the bottom so I was hoping that was all it was and that I just needed to get them trimmed. I have always hired a tree service to do that because they were so tall. In August I had the tree service come look at them and they were definitely dying. It seems they got struck by lightning. But then the man who does my lawn service wanted to try a new product he had just started using. I said ok and he bored holes in the trees and injected nutrients. Unfortunately, it was no help so today the trees came down. It was sad. Those trees were so tall and regal looking. It was quite a process to watch and I thought how my dad would have been there watching the entire process if he were still alive and still living just down the street.

Trees collageSo I thought a card with a tree was appropriate for today's post. This card is not a palm tree but is stamped using probably the most popular stamp set in the catalog, Lovely As A Tree. I made this card quite a few years ago so the DSP is retired but any paper could be substituted.

Tree Card


Today my oldest grandson, Alex, turned 16! He, his mother, and his friend stopped by after spending the afternoon in Orlando. I had an ice cream cake which neither of the boys could eat because they ate lunch at a buffet and from the sound of all they ate I'm sure the restaurant was glad to see them leave. And there were presents of course.  He's an awesome boy and I'm proud of who he is.

Birthday CollageHugs,



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