Halloween Extras

In the past few days I posted a Halloween card and also information about the new Envelope Punch Board. So in a recent class we made the Halloween card and an envelope to go with it. (I used some retired paper for the envelope). After cutting the required amount for the envelope I had leftover strips of paper. I also had some leftover candy from the candy corn muslin bag I showed you a few days ago. I love candy corn so I didn't want it around the house so we made a Halloween treat with candy corn using the leftover paper from the envelope. These are called sour cream containers because, well, because that's what they look like.

envelope etc

Sour Cream Container Directions:

  • Start with a piece of DSP 5-1/2" x 4-1/4".  (we used a slightly smaller piece – 5-1/4" x 4" – because that is what was left from the envelope). Lay it on the table with the long sides on the top and bottom.
  • Attach Sticky Strip to the areas indicated in the photo below.

sc tape

  • Roll the paper into a tube starting on the short side.  Attach to the opposite end with the Sticky Strip. You now have a tube with both ends open.
  • Seal one end by pinching the ends together and securing with the Sticky Strip.
  • Fill with candy or other small gift.
  • Pinch the other open end together in the opposite direction and seal with the Sticky Strip.
  • Add a tag.


My daughter and grandson stopped by this afternoon. She brought me some yummy soup. Thanks for that, Lynn Ann.  It seemed as though my grandson had gotten taller since I saw him about a week ago so I measured him. He's a whopping 6 feet tall. Nothing he got from his mother.  She'll tell you she's 4' 11-1/2" but I think she's really 4' 11".

So today is Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?  I was reading about it on the internet and found that about 10% of people believe it is an unlucky day. I am not one of them, however, I wouldn't plan a big event on Friday 13th. Sure wouldn't recommend getting married on this date. Wouldn't schedule surgery on this date. And I wouldn't tempt fate by breaking a mirror or opening an umbrella inside the house. But if you are one of those who worry about bad luck following you around have I got good news for you. I read you will have good luck if a bird poops on your head. So go outside and stand under a bunch of trees and just maybe you'll get lucky.


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