Papaya Collage

Another card from the Just Cards Class I just had. I love the new In Colors and how well they all go with Baked Brown Sugar. I rolled a mini glue dot and used it to attach the linen thread bow to the cut out butterfly.

Papaya Collage

Stamps: Papaya Collage, Itty Bitty Banners

Ink: Baked Brown Sugar, Crisp Cantaloupe

Paper, Baked Brown Sugar, Crisp Cantaloupe, White

Misc: Pearls, Linen Thread, Mini Glue Dots, Ruffled Stretch Ribbon


Nothing is as frightening as a call from the police department in the middle of the night. And that's just what happened last night. Well, not quite the middle of the night but it was 12:50 AM and even though I should have been asleep I actually was still awake. A benefit of retirement. You can stay up late if you want and sleep late in the morning if you want. Although I never do sleep late. Up and going by 6:00 or 6:30. Anyway, back to the ringing phone and the police. In the few steps it took to get the phone I had mentally run down the list of my three children. Was someone hurt? In trouble? Which one? It's amazing how quickly these thoughts zip through your head while you try to remain calm. And when the caller identified herself as the local police department there wasn't a calm nerve left in my body. Then just as quickly as I had imagined all possibilities of things I was quickly relieved to hear that they were looking for my daughter's ex. He hasn't lived locally for over 5 years but when he did he was a store manger and would get called by the police whenever the store alarm would go off. And for a short time my phone number was listed as a contact for him. So all was well and I hope they get my phone number removed from whatever list they found it on.


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  1. Kaye Teronde says:

    Love the card. So glad all was ok. I hate middle of the night phone calls.

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