A Little Stampin’ Fun

Today my new friends came over and learned the basics of stamping and each made a card. They were surprised at how easy it really is and had a fun time.


Tangela and her daughters, Ciara, Kennedy, and Rhagin

If you would like to learn how easy and fun stamping can be come to one of my classes. We have a great time.


It is always great seeing those who are in my downline that don’t live locally when we are at convention. Kaye gave us each one of these gifts that she stamped with Secret Garden stamp set. I’m sorry it got a little smooshed traveling across country in my luggage. Inside she had this beautiful card and notepad. The card is an example of “Scribble Stamping”. Simply use one of the markers and scribble back and forth across the cardstock and then stamp an image over it.

Created by Kaye Teronde

Created by Kaye Teronde

Kayes notepad


This afternoon I happened to notice a rainbow outside so I walked out in the rain to get a better look. It was the biggest rainbow I have ever seen and went from ground to ground in a high arc. It was truly spectacular. Feeling blessed.

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