Convention Day 1

This was a wonderful day … until about 5 minutes ago when I accidentally lost the post I have just spent the last hour working on. And it is now 11:50 PM and I am beyond tired so I’ll get some of it re-done and finish the rest later.

The day started for Catherine and our good Massachusetts friends, Barbara and Sandy, going to check out this great grocery store we had heard about where we thought we would get something for breakfast. What an amazing store. If I had a place like this to shop I might even cook! There were fruits I had never even heard of, a sushi bar, and even a cooking school. This photo only shows about half of the store.


Then it was off to the City Creek Mall where we had received a coupon for a complimentary neck, shoulder, and hand massage at the Aveda store. That was really nice! We did a little shopping before meeting the rest of our group at the Blue Lemon cafe for a late lunch. Such good food we may go back tomorrow.

Our convention officially began this afternoon at 5:30 with our first General Session. We went early to do some swapping and get in line to get in the auditorium. Us and the other 5,800 demonstrators! That’s a lot of people.

Convention swapping

I was standing in line next to a woman who had this beautiful lei around her neck. I actually thought it was paper flowers and went closer to look at it. It was actually real flowers which she brought with her from Hawaii. When I told her how pretty it was she took it off her neck and put it on mine saying it would bring good luck. What a generous and kind gesture as she only had one other which was for her upline. She told me to make this gesture which means something in Hawaiian but I’m not sure what.


The General Session opened with the theme song performed by someone from The Voice but I didn’t catch his name so am hoping to find out tomorrow. Shelli, the Co-founder and CEO, then came onstage with her entire family and there are a lot of them. She gave us a look back at the last 25 years and then then we got our convention bags filled with stamp sets and other goodies. I almost ordered a backpack last week but decided against it when I wasn’t sure I would get it before I left. Boy was I lucky since we got this really nice white and silver backpack.


One of the things we all get in the convention bag is a colored band. Stampin’ Up! colors of course. Mine is Midnight Muse. The bands are used for Prize Patrol. When they announce this they show a color and if your band is that color you win a prize. There were two patrols tonight and Kaye Teronde in my downline won a prize. We’re hoping there are more winners in our group either tomorrow or Saturday.


Speaking of downline, I am thrilled to have 5 people in my downline here at convention this year.


Libby, Sheila, Kaye, Carol, Doris and me

And now I really need to go to bed so I’ll say good-night and thanks for stopping by,


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