A Day at the Beach

I use to go to the beach often but these last two years I had not gone much and I should, especially since it is so close.  Today a friend and I went and had a great time with the boogie boards. It’s so much fun when you catch the right wave and can ride it towards the shore. It’s like floating on glass. We took snacks and bottles of water. I freeze the water and then put the bottles down inside a large neck thermos cooler. It melts slowly so we had cold water all day long. One of the cruise ships was coming into port right next to where we were and it’s always fun to see them going past and see people on deck waving as they go by. We also saw a bit of a crowd gathering a ways down the beach and realized there was something that had washed up so we walked down to investigate. It was a huge sea turtle belly up. That thing was enormous … about 3 feet long.  It was kind of sad and I wondered what would happen to it. I suppose it would eventually wash back out to sea. Even though we had a big beach umbrella which kept us in the shade when we were sitting on the beach I managed to get enough sun while I was in the water to feel the sting tonight.  All in all it was a perfect day.


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