Fun Open House

Today was my new catalog open house. It is also a customer appreciation event and something my customers and I look forward to. I had been working on getting things ready for days and the one thing I forgot to do was take any pictures today. I had intended on getting several during the day so when I remembered after everyone had gone home I tried to get a few with what was left. Everyone gets a gift bag that I attach a card front to the front of the bag. It’s a great way to use some of those swaps I get at convention and a quick way to create a fancy gift bag.These are the remaining bags at the end of the day.

g. bags

One of the things in the gift bags was this cute little Hershey nugget treat box designed by demonstrator Pam Strobel. You can see her directions on here blog here.

Hershey nuggets

Each gift bag also had this color chart the I made with the help of my friend and down line Betty Herring. Thanks Betty, I would not have finished them without your help. The chart was designed by demonstrator Jean Fitch and just the perfect size for using the Itty Bitty Shapes flower punch to punch out the different card stock colors.

color chart

There was also a wish list adhered to card stock and then each bag had some product inside (card stock, ribbon, stamps, etc.) They were not allowed to look in the bag until after they selected one. Who doesn’t like the surprise of a grab bag!

There was quite a varied array of food. Most of it had been put away so this is just a small sampling of the goodies. I used retired DSP to wrap the water bottles.  What’s fun is that if I have leftovers I have fancy bottles of water. The veggie shots idea came from my friend and stamper Cheryl White.  You put a little Ranch dressing in the bottom of the little shot cups, put in some sliced veggies and a couple of olives on a pick and you have a healthy treat. Open house food

I also had drawings for Door Prizes.  The winners are Leah Andrews, Pat Cook, Nancy Centreto, and Barbara Pariso. I will contact you each to let you know what you won.

We did a couple of make and takes. I will post those photos tomorrow.

Have a blessed Sunday


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