A Little Bit of This and That

I hope those of you who are here on the Space Coast of Florida saw the launch tonight of a Delta rocket. There is something so exciting when you watch that yellow ball of fire soaring towards the heavens, see the trail of smoke and then finally hear the roar as it heads into space. I have been watching launches for forty years and love seeing them today as much as I did that first one. I can just go out into my front yard to see these spectacular fireworks. Tonight it was especially pretty with the full moon off to the right. This photo of the liftoff is from Spaceflight Now. Of course, standing in my front yard I didn’t see the liftoff but I still got a pretty good show.

Delta Liftoff

This morning I had a stamp class then met a friend for lunch. The rest of the day I spent working on sorting stamp sets and getting things ready for my open house and stamp sale. The catalog transition is a bit of work since I don’t usually keep stamps that are retiring.  I reorganized my stamp closet, went through markers, paper, and re-inkers, weeding out the old, deciding what to keep and what to sell. I have over 100 stamp sets that I will not be keeping along with a lot more Stampin’ Up! product. So this gal is tired and I’m gonna call it a night.

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