A Day at the Races

While I was in Kentucky this last week we went to the races at Keeneland.  Lexington is horse country and Keeneland racetrack is one of the prettiest in the country.  I love seeing the horses.  They are such beautiful animals. Keeneland only has races during April and October and I try to go visit my family during at least one of these months during the year. I am not much of a gambler so I take my $20 limit for the day, study the racing form and then make my educated bet based on things such as the name of the horse, the jockey’s colors, and the way the horse looks.  It’s not the best way to pick them and is probably why I don’t usually win anything.  My sister-in-law, Kate, came from Cincinnati to go with my son, Jeff, and I.  They are in the bottom right of the collage below. In fact the only wins for any of us that day came from a bet on a horse that had Kate’s grandson’s name in it.  The odds were about 30 to 1 so we weren’t really expecting anything.  Imagine our excitement as we watched that horse come in third. Kate and Jeff bet on the horse, I didn’t, and they each won about $10. It was a fun day.

PicMonkey Collage

The other thing I love about Kentucky this time of year are the beautiful flowers that we can’t grow in Florida. There were tulips growing all over and flowering trees on every corner. And of course there are all of the horse farms.  If you have never been to Lexington it’s a trip well worth your time. Spring or Fall are the prettiest times to go and if you go in either April or October spend the day at the races.  You just might see me there.


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