Stampin’ Up! Office & Distribution Center

Did you ever wonder what happens to your stamp order once it’s placed?  Stampin’ Up!’s offices and distribution center are actually in Riverton, UT, just outside of Salt Lake City.  During convention there are bus tours that take demonstrators out to see just what and where it all takes place.  The 20 minute ride to Riverton is beautiful with the mountains in the background.

stampin-up-officeOnce inside the building you don’t know where to look first, there is so much to see.  The first thing you notice is the cascading waterfall inside the building’s atrium.

Stampin' Up! Inside office

 Next, there is the display area where they have vignettes set up.  These are just a couple of them.

RIverton pastry display

Sewing area

What I liked most was seeing the distribution area.  The first time I went demonstrators were actually allowed to go right into the “picking” lines and help fill someone’s order.  That was pretty cool but they don’t let people do that anymore.  I guess there are just too many demonstrators.  So, once an order is placed a  computer determines what size box is needed and sends it on it’s journey along the conveyor line.  There are employees working a specific area and when an item from their area is part of an order the box stops and a light illuminates right below that item on the shelf.  The employee adds it to the box.  If nothing else is needed from that area the box continues down and around the line.  As you can see it’s pretty awesome.

Distribution Center

Once the order is complete it gets weighed.  That’s because the computer has already determined how much it should weigh.  If the weight is not right then the contents get checked by an employee to be sure the order is correct.  In my 10 years I have only had a couple of times that something was missed in an order.


Finally, the box gets packed with filler, taped shut, labeled and delivered to waiting UPS trucks at the end of the line.  And from there to our front door.  I love seeing that brown truck pull up in front of my house!


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  1. Carol says:

    Beth – Thank you for this awesome description. It makes me want to go there so much more. Will it be possible for Bob to take the tour with me or is it restricted to people registered for the Convention. This was a GREAT BLOG entry. Thanks again.

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks Carol, glad you liked the post. I thought it so interesting to see how the packing and shipping takes place. I’m not sure if guests can go on the tour. I would call Stampin’ Up! demo support to make sure. It really is well worth going there is so much to see.

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