“I Care” Card Class

I have been having some special card classes with the focus on cards that show you care … sympathy, get well, and thinking of you.  When I do a theme like this I do always have out an assortment of birthday greetings for those who just need more of that variety.  There was one class Sunday, two classes today and will finish up with a class tomorrow.  This is one of the four designs that they made.

Blue Bird

It’s always great fun whenever stampers get together to stamp a stack of cards.



I sure am glad to have a DVR because there is just too much on TV tonight.  I use to ballroom dance so love Dancing With the Stars.  I haven’t decided yet who I think should win but there are a couple of pretty good dancers.   And I like The Voice too but I’ll have to wait until another day to watch them because  I am watching the final basketball game between Louisville and Michigan.  Having lived in KY for several years I am rooting for Louisville but this is a neck and neck game so it’s hard to predict who is going to win.

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