Have a Laugh on Me

It’s Friday night and there were weather reports flashing across the TV stating we were under a tornado watch and to stay away from windows.  Now there is nowhere to sit in my house that is not surrounded by windows unless you are in the closet.  The news specified that this bad storm with the potential for tornadoes was about 15 miles away and headed straight for us and I’ve seen Wizard of Oz more than once so know what can happen.  I have a hallway that is only about 5 feet long so I pulled a chair into that space, could even see TV from there, and had my laptop so it wasn’t so bad. I had posted about this possible tornado on Facebook and when I checked about an hour later I had several comments from friends telling me to stay safe and a comment from my friend Linda saying she didn’t see anything on the radar.  So I checked the radar and she was right … all clear.  It only took me a few minutes to realize the show I was watching with the warnings was something I had recorded several days ago! Makes you feel kind of stupid sitting in the hallway!

My son, Jeff, and his family have been in NYC this week. My granddaughter, Sofia, who is 10, was all smiles when Sam Champion from Good Morning America said he wanted to have his picture taken with her.

Sof and GMA

My daughter-in-law, Becky, and grand kids Anderson and Sofia at the Yankee’s game:

Bec, kids at game


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  1. Carol says:

    Assume pictures. You must have missed the tornado warnings from Wednesday night that work us up at 10 pm. Do you have a weather radio? Great cards this week, especially stippled blossoms!!!!

  2. Alice says:

    Yes! You did make me laugh!! How cute…the vision of you sitting in the hallway!!
    And such a great, memorable picture of Sofia with Sam!!!

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