February CD Calendar

February is the month of love and romance and flowers and candy. On occasion I have received flowers on Valentine’s day and there was one special year I remember well. I was working at the hospital and was walking the hall on the 2nd floor overlooking the atrium and noticed several flower arrangements at the front desk waiting to be delivered. There was a sea of red flowers and in the middle of all that red was a big bouquet of yellow roses. They really stood out and were quite beautiful. A short time later they were delivered to me.  I never much cared for red roses and have always thought yellow much prettier. I can still picture that vase of yellow flowers surrounded by all the red flowers.

Happy February to you. Hugs

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  1. Janet anderson says:

    Oh Beth I treasure your calendar , always look forward to the new one coming out so I can get started on them I do 120 of them and people start bugging me in July are you working on the new calendar yet, thank you for your time and efforts. I love yellow roses also every year for our anniversary my husband gets me the number of years we arE
    married….54 this past Jan. He always gets pink yellow red and white makes a beautiful picture….
    Take care have a good weekend Janet anderson

    • Beth says:

      Thank you so much Janet for such kind words. I have not started yet on the calendar for next year. I suppose I should but I tend to wait until time is running out. I can’t imagine making 120 of them. I only do about 20 and that is a task. You must work for months on them. It sounds like you are blessed with a loving husband. I would love to see a photo of your anniversary flowers. It must be stunning.

  2. Dana says:

    Very sweet! My favorite roses are yellow also!

  3. Janet says:

    Good morning Beth…I will see if I can find a picture and share my roses! Actually I don’t work for months on them but like you say I always wait til I have to burn the midnight oil for several nights and several days to get them done this year it was mid jan before I got them done and what is cute they don’t care as long as they get one…..again you have no idea how much I appreciate you…have a great day

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