Happy Birthday … to Me!

Although today is my actual birthday, the celebrations began last week with a breakfast get-together with some of the gals in my Great Outdoors stamp group followed by what else, stamping! I was showered with some wonderful hand stamped cards which I want to share.

b. board cards

Clockwise from top left are the cards from Linda, Carol, Terri, Betty, and Pat.


After we had breakfast the waitress brought me ice cream!

beth with ice cream

Last night in my stamp class I got more cards and Mike baked a cheesecake from a recipe from The Cheesecake Factory and Pat brought wine. The cheesecake was yummy and of course, the wine was good too.

Here are more of the cards I have been getting from friends all week.

card from Cherylcard from Mike







  Created by Cheryl White                                        Created by Mike White

card from Donna                                          Created by Donna Harold


card from evelyncard from Linda


        Created by Evelyn Moon                         Created by Linda Sabourin


card from Karen
                                           Created by Karen Knox

Yesterday my kids, Lynn Ann and Jason, took me out for lunch and they are coming over tonight to cook. Looking forward to that.

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  1. Donna says:

    Look at all the love that went into all the cards you have inspired us to make!! Enjoy every moment!!

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