NEW – Envelope Punch Board


Making your own envelopes has never been easier or more fun. Why go with boring, white, normal-sized envelopes when you can use colorful paper to create everything from itty bitty to long and skinny? With our creativity-boosting Envelope Punch Board you can customize envelopes in up to 66 different sizes!
Envelope Punch Board includes:
* An easy-to-use chart to create up to 66 different envelope sizes (including standard sizes). The measurements are provided both in inches and centimeters.
* A scoring tool in a convenient storage slot.
* Two punches designed right into the tool itself: one to make the envelope and one to  round its corners.

Order one now here in my online store or contact me to put in your order. $19.95


I got home late Thursday night from my trip to KY to visit my mother, my son and his family. My mother moved to Lexington last month and into the most wonderful independent living facility. She still had boxes to unpack and pictures to hang so we did that and just had a great time being together. The wall collage in the photo below is all pictures of her parents and of her. The picture on the right below is of her when she was just a very little girl and you can see her doll sitting on a chair. There is some glare from the glass that is over the photo but you can still tell. It's the same chair that we hung on the wall. That chair is about 88 years old.

momdoll chair










It was great having extra time with the grandkids due to the Labor Day holiday. We all went bowling, something I have not done in a very long time. I was never very good and that's still the case. I got to go to one of Anderson's baseball games. I didn't get any pictures at the game but here's one I did take of him. Typical 6 year old boy!


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  1. Tangela says:

    Welcome home!!

  2. Kaye Teronde says:

    I love the little rocking chair! Brought tear to my eyes. Glad you got your mom settled and made it back home safe.

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