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Gentle Peace

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I have been traveling again, this time to visit my son and his family and my mother who all live in Lexington, KY. One of the highlights of a trip to Lexington beyond spending time with family is going to the races. Keeneland has thoroughbred horse racing in April and October so I try to plan trips during those months. Jeff and I managed to get in the last 4 races on Sunday. I love to try to pick out a winning horse and will place a small bet. I never do well and that may be in part due to the fact that I pick a horse using a combination of several factors including the name of the horse, what it looks like, the color of the jockey's silks (that's his outfit for those who don't know) and then I try to take into consideration the really important things like how much money has it won in the past and how many races it's won. I never spend more than $20 total with betting. I figure that's a good days entertainment fee.  I spent my $20 but I managed to win back $5.20 on one race. And spending the afternoon with my son was priceless!

races Collage
Jeff bet on this horse to win and it did. The Jockey is 26 year old Rosie Napravnik. She has been in the top 10 by earnings for two years in a row and is the highest-ranked woman jockey in North America.

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Washington DC – Postscript

Just a couple more photos of my fabulous DC trip. We certainly had good food while we were there. Every morning Stampin' Up had a buffet breakfast for us with just about anything you could want. Well, I was hoping for yogurt which was never on the buffet but I certainly found plenty of other yummy offerings. You can see the buffet picture in the bottom row along with how Stampin' Up had decorated all of the tables for us. The first night we went with a few other demonstrators and their guests to PJ Clarke's for dinner. I had a delicious crab cake and Lynn Ann got chicken pot pie. That was the best and thankfully a very big portion as I kept taking bites of hers. Interestingly, we found chicken pot pie available on many menus. Two days in a row we ate lunch in the cafeteria at the American History Museum. They had the best salad bar. One night we were just way too tired to go out anywhere to eat so we ordered room service. (I ordered chicken pot pie!) And two nights we opted for frozen yogurt because our salad lunch had been so late in the day. What's a vacation without a few splurges!

DC Food Collage

Here I am in the photo above with demonstrator Missy Shipman.

I have a collection of show globes from the places I have visited. Whenever I go somewhere I am on the lookout for just the right one to add to my collection. I often find the best ones are at airports. It has to have the name of the city or the state on it. We really didn't see many shops that sold that kind of thing so I did wind up getting this one at the airport on my way back home. I think it's just perfect.

snow globe

Well, that's it for my DC adventure. I uploaded all of the photos last night from my camera to computer. All 345 of them. I see some Project Life x Stampin' Up Scrapbooking in my future. And we have some amazing products in the catalog to make a great scrapbook memory.

From a Flower to a Fish

I admit it, I spend a good amount of time looking at cards and paper crafts on Pinterest. But it's one of the perks I think we get with retirement … lots of time to spend doing what we enjoy. I found a card on there one day made by Martha Inchley when I was searching for ideas for the stamp set Flower Patch. Now this set is all about flowers, lots of petals, flowers, and leaves. But Martha used those stamps to create an underwater fish. I loved it and just had to try it. I made a couple of very small changes in her design.

Flower Patch Fish

This stamp set does have matching framelits however I chose to hand cut the petals for the fish as I didn't want the white border around the edges. I used the new heart border punch for the mouth and colored the rhinestones with a Blendabilities marker.

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Washington DC – Day 5

Our last full day in DC we headed out to see the National Cathedral. This meant a Metro rail and Metro bus combination to get there.  It was worth it for sure. It is the 6th largest cathedral in the world. We took one of the tours so we could hear all about the building of it and about the windows and other things. It took 83 years to build. Amazing. There are 3 schools there and we found out the only way to have a wedding there is to have gone to one of the schools or given a lot of money to them and then our guide said you would need about $25,000 or more for the wedding. He told us about one wedding where live cherry trees were brought inside. The Rose Window below has a few clear pieces of glass in the center to represent the scripture "Let there be light". The red needlepoint pillow is a kneeling cushion. There are cushions that represent every president and other notable persons. They were all quite interesting. There are flags from every state hanging along the inside and we were told they pray for a different state every week, and then one week they pray for DC and US Territories and the final week is for our country which is always the week of July 4th. Then they start over.



The photo above with the 3 stained glass windows is the crypt of Woodrow Wilson. Also buried at the Cathedral are Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan (their ashes).

This Space window below commemorates space exploration and the first steps on the moon. Michael Collins was one of the three astronauts on that mission and he went to school here.  There is an actual piece of moon rock in the center of the window. This had special meaning for us being from the Space Coast of Florida but even more importantly because that is the day my daughter was born.

space window

We left the Cathedral and headed to the National Zoo. Of all things we did this was probably our least favorite. In fact for those of us living here locally, we like our Melbourne zoo much better. First time either of us have ever seen a Pringle vending machine. Too funny.


Washington DC – Day 4

The Stampin' Up Getaway trip was 3 days but because there is just so much to see and do in DC we decided to stay an extra 2 days.

I have wanted to see the Holocaust Museum for a long time. I knew it would be emotional and tears started before I even got inside the building.


One of the things that made this visit special is the woman we got to talk to. She is 97 years old and a survivor. She told us she experienced medical experiments and was unable to ever have children because of that. She had an amazing spirit and continued to say we need to "just love".

Then we took the Metro out to Arlington Cemetery. The Metro is the way to get around in DC for sure and so easy.


By the time we got to Arlington we opted for their bus tour. Aching feet and sore backs! I loved watching the ceremony with the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We also saw Kennedy's grave and the Eternal Flame and a few other notable grave sites.


Washington DC – Day 2 Continued

In between seeing the Lincoln Memorial and the Capital tour we visited the war memorials. Korean, WWII and Viet Nam. Each was very emotional and beautiful. The statues in the Korean Memorial are all life size.

Korean War

From there we walked to the Viet Nam Wall. The statue on the right is dedicated to the women who served. During the 60's I bought a POW/MIA bracelet. These bracelets had the names of military persons either missing, captured, or deceased. I wore that bracelet for years. Many years later I gave it to the daughter of a friend of mine. When she visited the wall she made a rubbing of his name for me which I have in a scrapbook. The wall panel I am standing by below is the one with his name, Lt. Francis Setterquist.

Viet Nam Mem

POW bracelet




Then we were off to the WWII Memorial. This was special because my dad served in the Navy. I took the photo of the pillar from Missouri because he was living in St. Louis when he was sent off to war.


This was all followed by the Capitol tour which I already posted. Lynn Ann and I both agreed that the Capitol was the highlight of the trip and the only way to see it is to contact your State Representative and arrange for a private tour. We had 5 people in our tour with no waiting compared to long lines and tour groups of about 20 people for those who walked in off the street.

Our Pillow Gift this night is the new Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit. What fun this is going to be! Thank you Stampin' Up!

pillow gift 2

Washington DC – Day 3

This was the day for Smithsonian Museums. I'm still amazed that all of this is free.

Natural Hist. Museumdresses






We especially liked the Museum of American History. We did also visit the American Indian, Natural History, and Air and Space Museums. We were surprised at what a great cafeteria they had in the American History Museum and wound up eating there two different days. The best salad bar.

Hope diamondhope diamond2








              The Hope Diamond is just stunningl! And BIG!


Then we took a side trip to Ford's Theater and found that the theater was actually closed that day for a play rehearsal. We did, however, get to go through the house where he died. And since we are from Kentucky we have now seen the house where Lincoln was born and the house where he died.


Stampin' Up's final Pillow Gift that night is truly a book that I will treasure. There are so many things to remember from this fabulous trip.

pillow gift3

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Washington DC – Day 2

This is one very tired gal tonight so I'm just posting some random photos of part of our day including the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol, and The Botanical Garden. It was a perfect day. The first statue is exact replica of the one on top of the Capitol Dome. The statue of President Reagan has a piece of the Berlin Wall in the base and therefore has a guard posted by it at all times. After we got back to our hotel late afternoon we saw the Presidents motorcade drive right by. That was very exciting even if we couldn't see him. Lots of motorcycles, black cars, helicopters overhead and ambulance following at the end. Word on the street was he was on his way to a dinner at Capital Hill.





Washington DC – Day 1

Just one of the many who greeted us at the airport today.


Lynn Ann and I grabbed a quick lunch


After a little exploring, brief rest, and fun dinner out with other demonstrators and their guests we got back to our room to find a Pillow Gift from Stampin' Up. These yummies are from Georgetown Cupcakes. And of course the box done in Stampin' Up style is just as yummy.